Welcome to Idilio Origins: Our chocolate production

Our chocolate production at Idilio Origins is a harmonious dance between care, tradition and innovative technology. The roots of our chocolate lie deep in the careful selection and processing of the Criollo cocoa beans that we use for our products. The delicately melting character of our Swiss chocolate is achieved through a unique combination of fine rolling and traditional conching.

Criollo cocoa: origin and fermentation

The origin of our chocolate lies in the Criollo cocoa beans, which we select with the greatest care. These cocoa beans are fermented in our own pulp, upholding the tradition of the longitudinal grinder, the conche. This traditional method enables the fine aromas of the fine cocoa varieties to be developed in a particularly gentle way.

Fermentation plays a crucial role in developing the flavors of cocoa, similar to bread, cheese or wine. The ripeness of the fruit, the freshness of the harvest and the precise fermentation are crucial to the success of our production. Each cocoa requires an individual fermentation period and fermenting selected qualities separately is therefore essential. We carefully select the locations for optimal, natural fermentation, as not every location is equally suitable. In addition, how the drying process is handled has a significant influence on the final result of the cocoa.

Chocolate production: preserving uniqueness

The rarity and limited availability of high-quality single-layer cocoa obliges us to treat this treasure with the greatest care. The unique quality and aroma of this cocoa must be reflected in our finished chocolate product. We consciously focus on naturalness and authenticity, without using additives or flavors. This is in line with our concept of single-layer chocolate, where we want to emphasize the uniqueness and characteristics of the cocoa.

In our chocolate production process, various factors play a crucial role in quality. The appropriate cocoa content, the precise duration and temperature of the roasting, the refinement in the rolling mills and the specific type and duration of conching are essential. Our pre-industrial longitudinal friction conche enables us to design individual conching processes through targeted adjustments to the respective cocoa. We do not concentrate on conching for as long as possible, but rather strive for the ideal temperature curve in order to authentically preserve the valuable aromas of the single-layer cocoa.

Idilio Origins stands for single-layer chocolate, which represents the most authentic image of single-layer cocoa and the development of its fine aromas in the chocolate. With our dedication to quality and our respect for the uniqueness of each cocoa, we create chocolate that enables a journey to the taste experiences of the individual layers.