Origin chocolate from Idilio Origins: The journey to the origins of enjoyment

Welcome to the world of Idilio Origins, where chocolate is more than just a luxury food - it is a journey to the roots of taste. Our origin chocolate is the result of a deep connection to the origins of cacao beans, which have a rich history.

The story of our chocolate begins in the lush rainforests of Venezuela, where the precious cocoa beans, once traded as a valuable medium of exchange by the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs, still thrive. Here at Idilio Origins, these beans are sourced, nurtured and carefully cared for to maintain their unparalleled quality.

Our company has its own cocoa resources in Venezuela and works exclusively with family-run small businesses to source various varieties of the highest quality.

We ensure the entire production process from “bean to bar” to offer you an incomparable taste experience. We use the historic longitudinal friction conche, which ensures the highest quality and the unmistakable melt of our chocolate.

The special feature of our chocolate lies in the use of the globally unique fine rolling and conching technology. For our Criollo cocoas we rely on the traditional conche, the so-called longitudinal grater. This method makes it possible to develop the fine aromas of the fine cocoa varieties gently and in a way that modern stirring methods cannot.

The term “Origins÷” reflects our philosophy, which focuses on selected individual sites and fine cacao varieties. We work directly with local producers and personally monitor the demanding transport of the cocoa beans from their place of origin to Swiss chocolate production.

Idilio Origins is not just about chocolate. It's about a connection to the origins of taste, preserving traditions and creating an unforgettable culinary experience. Experience the journey to the origins of pure enjoyment with our origin chocolate.

Discover the variety of our chocolate creations and immerse yourself in the world of Idilio Origins - where enjoyment meets history.