The team behind Idilio Origins

At the heart of Idilio Origins is a team of passionate chocolate lovers and professionals who create premium Swiss chocolate with unmatched quality. Learn more about the talented team that brings chocolate dreams to life at Idilio Origins.

The Idilio founders Niklaus Blumer and Pascal Wirth discovered a few years ago that, similar to top wines, the location, the “terroir”, is crucial for the quality and aroma profile of the fruit. Since then, Idilio has specialized in finding the best individual cocoa layers in Venezuela and producing them in the highest quality together with the farmers. In traditional Swiss production, the aroma potential of the cocoa beans is transferred and harmonized into the chocolate . The goal is to create dark “Château” chocolates for gourmets.

Vivianne Emanuel plays a key role in customer service, branding and logistics at Idilio. With a trained eye for important dates and events, she always keeps an overview and brings in fresh ideas to make the brand exciting. Your collaboration with Pascal and Klaus is not only professional, but also characterized by an infectious enthusiasm for Idilio. Vivianne: «As soon as Pascal and Klaus talk about Idilio, their eyes light up and an exciting smile appears on their faces. We would like to share this passion for Idilio with the world. Be there when we get started together! Let's go!"

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