The secret behind “Bean to Bar” with Idilio Origins

“Bean to Bar” is much more than a passing trend in chocolate production. It embodies a philosophy that encompasses every aspect of the production process from the cultivation of cocoa beans to the finished chocolate. At Idilio Origins, “Bean to Bar” is not just a process, but a promise of the highest quality and authenticity.

IDILIO stands for the deep connection with nature, the diversity of a mixed culture of tropical plants and fruits as well as the loving care and harvest of the finest cocoa beans. At Idilio Origins, every single step, from careful fermentation to sun-drying by small-scale producers, is carried out with dedication and deep respect for nature.

ORIGINS represents the philosophy of concentrating on selected individual vineyards and fine cacao varieties. Direct cooperation with local producers not only guarantees the highest quality, but also the unadulterated integrity of the demanding transport of the cocoa beans from their place of origin to Swiss chocolate production.

Our Premium Swiss Chocolate gets its characteristic, delicately melting taste through the unique technology of fine rolling and conching. Especially for our Criollo cocoa, we use the traditional conche, the longitudinal grater, which gently and uniquely develops the fine aromas of the noble cocoa varieties.

“Bean to Bar” at Idilio Origins means passion, innovation and the pursuit of perfection. Immerse yourself in the secret behind the “Bean to Bar” chocolate from Idilio Origins and discover the pure essence of handmade Swiss chocolate art.