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In a rather dry area, the small cocoa village of Las Trincheras is located in a steep valley, on the slopes of which this great cocoa grows under shade trees. The valley has its own microclimate that offers ideal tropical conditions with abundant warm rain for fine cocoa. After harvesting, the beans are taken to the central drying area by donkeys and dried in the sun.

74 percent, 48h traditional conche


Las Trincheras, Venezuela

Made in Switzerland

16xto · Trinchera

Tasting note

A harmonious combination of ripe banana, gentle earthy notes of tropical wood, complemented by a subtle vanilla presence characterizes this tasting note.


Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar,
Cocoa butter, cocoa 74% at least.
May contain nuts and milk.

Nutritional values

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: Energy 2461kJ (588 kcal), fat 46.1g of which saturated fatty acids 28g, carbohydrates 30.4g, of which sugar 24.9g, protein 7.2g, salt 0g

  • Gold, Singapore Chocolate Awards, 2019
  • Bronze, Academy of Chocolate, 2018
  • Bronze, Academy of Chocolate, 2017

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